All About the Roof Replacement Process

The roof is one of the most important structures on a home. Without it, the rain, wind and sun would cause significant damage to the interior of your property, and it would also allow insects and other wildlife to get in unabated. Therefore, it is important that you don’t let shingles or other components of your roof stay on the home longer than their useful lives. What should you know about the roof replacement process to ensure that it is done in a timely and adequate manner?

Talk to Multiple Contractors Before Work Begins

You will want to get multiple quotes from professional roofing contractors before you do any work. This allows you to get an idea for how much the job will cost, enable you to find a qualified professional and possibly find someone who can start the job immediately. A good contractor will talk to you about the materials that he or she will use and whether or not subcontractors will be handling some or all of the project.

An Inspection May Be Done Ahead of Time As Well

Your roof may be inspected for any unseen damage before the new roof goes up. If there are issues with the roof deck or any other part of the roof, it may need to be addressed before any shingles can be applied. On a flat roof, a contractor may check for cracks or leaks before sealing the surface. This ensures that you don’t have to tear the roof off later to get at water or other damage that may have occurred earlier.

A Decision Is Made About Your Current Roofing Materials

In some cases, a new layer of shingles can be applied right over the existing layer. However, as this can add unnecessary weight, the shingles or other materials currently on the roof may be taken completely off. In the event that the roof deck or other underlayment needs to be replaced, it will be removed as well. As part of the roof replacement process, you should be prepared to have materials gathered in one central location and hauled away as soon as possible. This helps clean up your property faster while ensuring that pests don’t find a new home to nest in.

Another Inspection May Be Done and New Materials Put On

A contractor may do a quick inspection prior to putting the new roof on. He or she may inspect the condition of the roof deck and truss one last time while everything is exposed to make sure that it can handle what is about to be put on it. The contractor may also inspect the materials to make sure that they are not defective in any way. Once that has been done, the installation process begins. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on how big the roof is.

You and the Contractor Check the Results

The final step in the roof replacement process is for the customer and the contractor to go over what was done to ensure it meets everyone’s standards. If there are any issues with the final product, the contractor may fix them for free. It may also be possible to have a contractor warranty his or her work in case problems come up after the job has been completed.

Having your roof replaced can make your home more comfortable, more attractive to future buyers and save money on energy costs. Therefore, it is in your best interest to spend the money that it takes to have the job done as it could pay for itself over the 20 to 50 years that you have it.

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